Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

“Fast” bleaching in a single visit to the doctor’s office cannot make teeth the whitest they can be. The Deep Bleaching technique developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy combines multiple whitening techniques, and is regarded as the best procedure for whitening teeth today. His procedure works even on patients who were previously unable to bleach as white as they would've liked because of bleaching resistant teeth or teeth sensitivity.

The Steps of Deep Bleaching:

1.  A conditioning visit in our Salt Lake City office.

This “conditioning” allows the teeth to absorb oxygen more readily from the take-home teeth whitening parts of the process. No whitening occurs during this first visit.

2. Wear Deep Bleaching Trays.

For 14 consecutive days after conditioning, teeth whitening patients will wear Deep Bleaching Trays while they sleep. These trays have special gel in the, and are made of clear, flexible vinyl. Most patients say they are comfortable to sleep with. The trays have a gap on the outside of each tooth, where excess gel drains, but the whitening is sealed along the gum line. Along with these trays, patients are given a bleaching kit, which includes syringes of the bleaching gel and teeth desensitizer.

3. Final step: back to the office.

After the 14 days, the patient will come back into the office, where we will perform the final step of the Deep Bleaching, and give additional whitening.

Teeth Whitening Theory

Everyone’s teeth have a whiteness limit: you can't make your teeth a whiter shade than natural limits will allow. Historically, once you reach this limit, no amount of additional bleaching or whitening would make a significant difference. However, this Deep Bleaching system  we use at our office in Salt Lake City will extend this previous limit and allow significantly more whitening.

Custom-made trays that are part of the Deep Bleaching Technique are one reason why it works so well. Other trays used for whitening sometimes do not seal at the gum line, and therefore the bleaching gel isn’t always properly in place against the teeth. Some gels have acid in them that may damage fillings, crowns, bonding and the roots of teeth. The deep bleaching gelTeeth Whitening Salt Lake City we use has no such acid, or any acid at all, in fact. Previous dental procedures will not change color.

The oxygen aspect of the procedure will not only help whiten the teeth, but will serve to clean the teeth, removing microscopic filth from between the crystalline structures of a tooth. Called pores, these parts of a tooth’s structure are opened and cleansed during deep bleaching.


You will start your bleaching immediately before sleep. If you have a pre-sleep ritual, like lying in bed watching television before sleep, wait until you are ready to sleep before using your bleaching trays.

Brush your teeth just before putting in the bleaching trays, which should be right before you go to sleep. Quickness is important because protein from your saliva will coat the teeth a few minutes after brushing, which could inhibit the bleaching agent from doing its work.

On the first two nights of bleaching, right after brushing, use teeth desensitizer from your bleaching kit. The 22 cotton swabs in the kit are to be used only for applying teeth desensitizer. Put drops of the desensitizer on a cotton swab until it is slightly moist. To apply, hold your lips away from your teeth, and apply according to instruction you will receive in the dental office. Rub firmly for at least a full minute, adding more drops to keep the swab moist during application. Rub with emphasis over the gum line and the biting edges of the front teeth. After application, try to keep your lips apart from your teeth for at least 30 seconds. This will be difficult, and complete separation might not be possible. After 30 seconds, wash your mouth out with water. The next steps:

  • Squeeze a small amount of bleaching gel into each of the inner sides of the outer walls of the bleaching trays, except in the very last molars. We will demonstrate this for you during your whitening visit in Salt Lake City.
  • Once you put the tray in your mouth, gently move the tray back against your teeth to establish the seal against the gum line. This is a critical step, which will also be demonstrated in the office.
  • Remove excess from under the edge of the tray with tissue or cotton. If there is a lot of oozing, it means you’ve put too much gel, so put less next time. On the other hand, you may have put too little, which is evident by large open voids in the clear tray, in the reservoirs. Do NOT remove the tray if this is the case, but use more the next time. With the ideal amount of gel, a small amount will peek out from under the tray.
  • In the morning, remove the trays and rinse out your mouth with water, then brush your teeth. After brushing, apply desensitizer as before. Desensitizer is used only the first two nights, but each and every morning of the 14 days.
  • Clean the trays with cotton swabs under COOL running water. Let them dry before nighttime.
  • Abstain from foods with staining tendencies during the treatment, and from smoking. A good rule is: if it would stain a white shirt, don’t eat it.

What to Expect

Wearing the trays may result in some sensitivity in the gums and teeth. Anything more than slight sensitivity, and you should contact us.

Your teeth may also start to develop white spots, and the area near the gum line may look dark, due to contrast with the whitened part of the teeth. These blemishes should even out within weeks after completing the bleaching process.

Some patients find that the upper teeth whiten quicker than the lower teeth, and this is because the lower teeth are smaller with thinner enamel. The reservoirs on the trays for the lower teeth will therefore be smaller. The color discrepancy should even out, and if it doesn’t, Dr. Bigelow can have you wear trays for an additional amount of time on the lower teeth. Even is there is some discrepancy, it should not be readily noticeable.

Permanently Maintaining Your New White Tooth Color

It is normal for teeth to darken with time. Rather than try to make discolored teeth white, it is better to try and maintain the whiteness you already have. Don’t wait until your teeth are dark to consider teeth whitening. Keeping your teeth at their maximum whiteness, not allowing them to ever darken is the only sure-fire way to have a lifetime of beautiful white teeth – FOREVER!

Wear the Deep Bleaching Trays while you sleep one night per month for consistent protection against darkness. Maintenance kits are available at our office.

Depending on the individual’s teeth, we may even recommend wearing the trays for more often than once a month after the bleaching process. The goal of Deep Bleaching is permanence, so maintenance will help achieve this goal.

Other Bits of Important Information

  • Bleaching gel is sensitive to heat. Place it in the refrigerator when you can, and don’t leave it in your hot car when you leave our office!
  • Don’t skip nights when bleaching. We find that this slows down the whitening process.
  • Store the bleaching trays safely, in the case we provide. Heat will distort them, so beware of hot water and summer weather. Beware of pets, also.
  • Make sure to place trays properly in the case, as they can bend if placed incorrectly.
  • Do not forget to bring your Deep Bleaching Trays with you to each bleaching visit at Dr. Bigelow’s office.
We know you are going to be thrilled with your Evolve Deep Bleaching result, but only if you are able to comply with the above instructions – they are very important. If you have any problems or questions, call us right away: 801-424-0600.
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