Meet the Team


Mary is our multi-talented office manager. She brings sixteen years of experience to our dental practice. Not only does this make her conversant in the latest news from the dental industry, but it also means she really knows the ins and outs of running a front office.

Mary has been educated at a number of schools, institutes, and workshops, which includes specialized training in sleep apnea treatment. Maximizing payment and insurance plans is one of her many superpowers.

Another is having raised eight children. You read that right: eight kids and three grandkids, which keep her life plenty interesting. She adores spending time with them, as well as to travel and enjoy the great outdoors.


Whitney is our experienced insurance coordinator. She’s not only great with accounts and billing questions, but with people, too. Coming to the dentist is not easy for many patients, but Whitney helps them feel comfortable from the moment they step into the office.

One of her favorite things about our practice is that it feels like family, and she’s one of the reasons it does.

Outside of our dental family, Whitney has a sassy four-year-old who keeps her going. She also has a deep love for crafts and shopping, and is no longer allowed inside any craft stores without supervision.


Shelby has an easygoing way with patients, which makes her invaluable as a dental hygienist. She studied dental hygiene at Weber State. During that time she was actually awarded the Golden Scaler Award for dental hygiene educational excellence.

Working as a team is very important to Shelby, and she shows that by helping ours run smoothly, and by working so well with each patient.

Shelby loves to stay active. She’s an outdoorsy girl who loves to go hiking and camping, especially with close friends and family. When she isn’t spending her time enjoying nature, she takes to the ice at least once a week to play hockey.


Brynn is our talented dental assistant. She enjoys the sunshine, which she brings with her to work every day as she helps our patients feel comfortable during appointments. Brynn also strives to value patient time. We know our patients appreciate her work in these regards.

Both at work and on her own time, Brynn values her friends and family. Brynn says she enjoys the friendships she has with the staff as well as working beside such a great dentist.

When she is not working to make the patient experience sparkle, Brynn is usually completing DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and spending time with her treasured daughter, a beautiful little girl who means the world to Brynn.