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I wanted to get my smile done because I have never really had that “perfect” smile since I was born with a cleft pallet and have had so many teeth removed. Now I smile with so much confidence and I find myself looking for reasons to smile more. Thank you!


When I saw how thin my front teeth were getting and the overall condition of my teeth, I thought I was getting old enough that I would have to resort to the same thing as my mother and her sister and a lot of other people-the dreaded false teeth. How amazing to be given the option of veneers instead. I love them. Thank you so much.

The temporaries were not much fun and at first I thought that I had maybe made a huge mistake by going this route. But, after one week of wearing my veneers, I have changed my mind and think living with the temporaries for a few weeks was all worthwhile. The veneers feel and look so natural and even the people who know I am wearing them forget my teeth are essentially a product of your expertise.

My thanks to you, Janet, and Natalie for making me look and feel so much better about myself. Thanks again for your great work.


To Don,

Thanks for everything! You’re the best dentist!


As always, I was pleasantly greeted when I arrived and was taken back immediately. The staff is always polite and professional. Dr. Bigelow always explains what he is doing during the procedure and puts me at ease. The staff is the best! They really do care about each patient as an individual.


Slight discomfort but no more than expected. She was very thorough, time lapse was better than expected. No soreness afterward. I liked the gell analgesic better. We discussed her new ‘gel floss’ invention – great idea but needs testing.

ALAN S. | JUNE 2012

It was very thorough and efficient as always.

STEVEN W. | MAY 2012

We love being greeted by Natalie because she is always bright & friendly, handling a busy front desk like a pro. We were called in promptly and treated both friendly and professionally by the Hygienist as well as Dr. Bigelow which is why we’ve come here for so many years.


Always caring, honest and incredible!


Dr. Bigelow and his staff are great! It was a pleasant and calm experience. Never felt any pain throughout the whole procedure.

W. ANNE B. | MAY 2012

have always been pleased with the work on my teeth and the doctor and personnel. It is one of the smartest choices I have made.

BETH S. | APRIL 2012

From the time you walk in the door, you are treated like family. Dr. Bigelow and his entire staff are warm, professional, communicative, and caring. I always receive state-of-the-art dentistry and care. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now!


I have been going to him 15 years and once when we traveled, I would come back round trip 1100 miles just to see him, Well worth it, Hope he never retires….. Terrie carter call for better review, 435 241 9440

TROY B. | APRIL 2012

I again had an excellent experience. In and out in less than an hour with no pain and a great cleaning. The staff is phenomenally friendly. In fact I wished I knew how those ventriloquists do it so I could have talked. It was actually great being there. The atmosphere is fun and friendly and the Hygienist knows how to clean efficiently so we don’t have allot of gagging. No unnecessary scraping, or anything else. Other dental offices could learn a lesson here.

See you in 6 months


Natalie was very patient helping me resolve scheduling issues, and the work done was perfect. Everybody is friendly and they do a great job. I love it there

JIM H. | MARCH 2012

great profesional service see you next time.


Great exeperience. Super friendly staff and they didn’t lecture me about flossing! A real joy…


Had a root canal and other repairs. While this is not a pleasant experience for any patient, Dr. Bigelow and his staff did everything they could to make it the most comfortable experience they could.


Service is always top quality!


I was extremely impressed with Don and his staff.

I really liked how they explained everything ahead of time and made sure I was aware of what was going on as well as what to expect regarding procedures, costs, and time.

If you need a dentist I would highly recommend Don.


Even though getting a tooth pulled no matter who’s doing it, it’s rough on both of us. I saw great concern in his face, he would rather save your teeth. Well that maks two of us. Had a very short night but not his fault. He even called to see how I was doing, makes you feel like family. I tell everybody I know to go to Him they would be happy with the results! The whole staff know what they doing, I am a lot to handle! Great office location as well right by the freeway on and off ramp!


Secretary greeted us and was very polite. The nurses were wonderful and the dentist was comforting, always asking if I’m ok. Very calming atmosphere.


Great staff that always make you feel so welcome


The service was excellent as usual.


The office is always prompt. I did not like the hygienist giving me my shots to numb my mouth- she does an great job cleaning my teeth. Felt the face was way more swollen than it should of been – actually felt ill for the whole next day. Also, my bill for the two SMALL cavities was so much higher than I expected, sort of rocked my boat. During the cleaning visit I was told that both cavities were VERY small. Could not see them with the naked eye and only seen them through the x-rays. I feel that Dr. Bigelow is an excellent dentist – but I wish he would of told me that the cavities were much larger, etc.

Last Christmas I saw an ad on TV about 6 Month Smiles. Joking with my husband, I said, “All I want for Christmas is to have straight teeth!” He told me to schedule a consultation. I was sure that I would be told that my VERY crooked teeth would exclude me as a candidate. To my surprise, that was not the case. While they did take a little longer (8 months) I now have the straight teeth I’ve wanted all my life. Feeling confident about my smile is the best thing I could have done for myself. Dr. Bigelow and his staff are gracious and friendly. I never had to spend a lot of time in the waiting room. People were very impressed with the tooth colored brackets and wires. Overall, it was a positive experience and the result more than met my expectations.


I always hated going to the dentist until I went to an appointment at Dr. Bigelows office, everyone from the staff to Dr. Bigelow himself makes you feel so comfortable and welcome. Talk about an amazing experiance, I actually look forward to going to the dentist now! Dr. Bigelow himself makes sure that you are totally satisfied before you walk out the door. Thanks!


My wife and I have been going to Dr Bigelow for over a dozen years after having gone to many other dentists over the years. We both appreciate the level of care he provides, and the warmly personal and highly professional manner he does it in. All his staff are top notch and make you feel at home and very comfortable. I feel that Dr. Bigelow is up to speed on all the latest technologies and he is very good about telling you about all your options. I am more knowledagble and have better dental health than I have ever had in my life. My two young kids will be going to Dr Bigelow, as soon as they actually get teeth. Highly recommended.

I’ve been a patient for several years. Dr. Bigelow helped me formulate a plan for my dental care and has helped me over the years to reach a point where all I ever see him for is check ups. The best dental experience I’ve ever had.


The This is the best dentist I have ever been to. Never any pain, or discomfort. Always a happy atmosphere. I recomment them to everyone.   was excellent as usual.


My cleaning was great! Everyone is always so personable and professional. Wish I could see you guys more than every 6 months


I was referred to Dr. Bigelow’s office today and was very impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of the staff members. Going to the office they immediately make you feel welcome and comfort(oddity for a dentist) and took e back rather quickly, which is nice not having to wait. The Dental Hygenist worked on me first and then Dr. Bigelow came and checked up and did a few things. There are some good dentists in Salt Lake. Dr. Bigelow and staff are some of the best. I was very impressed. This is my first time back to a dentist in over 2 years. Very nice to have a place to call home as far as having a dentist.


Thorough cleaning by Kenra. Exam by a brilliant, congenial dentist. Wonderful visit with the ever bubbly and warm Natalie at the front desk.


Always enjoy coming in. Service is excellant and friendly. I always feel so welcome. Thank you!


Professional service as always. Just disappointed you found a cavity!


Hi everyone. And of course I will always give you 5 stars. And you always take great care of me. Thanks to all And Doc. Bigelow thanks for gluing in my teeth. LOL have a great day!


Thanks Dr. Bigelow for replacing my filling, and hopefully I won’t need a future root canal.
I will monitor it for sensitivity to heat, cold, etc.

That dental assitant was sure cute too!

Do you want me to try and fix your ceiling tile, or install a shelf for the Comcast receiver in the corner ?

Do you have any of the wall paint left over ?

Let me know if I can help out.




My family and I had a wonderful dentist back in Texas and didn’t think we could find another dentist like him. I thought it would take shopping around to several before we found a dentist that was right for us. Dr. Bigelow and his wonderful, friendly staff have exceeded our expectations. Even my youngest children are comfortable with Dr. Bigelow and his entire office staff. I won’t be going anywhere else.


I wanted to say how happy I’m with my teeth, and the staff is amazing, dentists used to be my worst nightmare, but not any more, with Dr Bigelow i never felt a thing no pain no nothing.
to all people of America not just Utah you have to go to Dr Bigelow to fix your teeth


Dear Dr. Bigelow and crew; you guys are great every time i come in. i feel like i’m a part of your family. thank you so much!


Finally a dentist that cares about his patients! I would recommend Mr. Bigelow to anyone, great staff and great experience. you will not be disappointed. i will only go here as long as i live in utah.


I just wanted to say how happy I am with my new teeth. I was so worried but they turned out great.

My whole experience there was awesome, I will continue going to Dr. Bigelow’s office for the rest of my life, and I will send everyone I know there! If there were more dentists like Dr. Bigelow the world would be a better place, I know I would have gone to the dentist more often and I would not have had to suffer so long! Not only is he an awesome dentist but his whole office is absolutely amazing!! Thanks for giving me back my smile & life!!!

DEBBIE F. | MAY 2011

My visit was a pleasant experience. The hygenist greeted me as I walked in and she was ready for my appointment. As always, everyone in the office was cordial, professional, and personable. I always feel like I am treated with the best care possible.

DAVID W. | MAY 2011

I pretty much would be repeating everything the other reviewers have said. My family has been going to Dr. Bigelow for 10 years and I cannot imagine going anywhere else.

Totally professional, pleasant, and he truly cares. I feel he is very up to speed with the latest technology. A quantam leap above any other dentist I have ever visited – and I have visited a lot unfortunately.


I love going to Dr. Bigelow’s office. Natalie is always so nice and the hygenist I see is great. Dr. Bigelow is always kind and caring. Thank you all!


Now I can smile again. You are all great and I appreciated your working me in on a busy day. Thanks again.


You guys are awesome! Despite my numb mouth after I left, I didn’t have any discomfort from my gums after the anteseptic mouth wash wore off.

BETH S. | APRIL 2011

This is the only dentist office I look forward to visiting! The staff is wonderful, welcoming, charming, and professional. Dr. Bigelow is a genius and has a wonderful personality. He has equal parts of knowledge, compassion, and humor.


Every one was so friendly and efficient. It was good having the dentist that I knew so well. Teeth clening was great. I enjoyed myself.

MATT C. | MARCH 2011

Always enjoy visiting the dentist.

JUDY T. | MARCH 2011

I like the friendly atmosphere. Natalie always has a smile and it does not feel so clinical like other offices I have been.

MARC E.M. | MARCH 2011

Good as usual. The only thing that’d be nicer is if you were on my insurance’s provider list…


Everything was great. Thanks. I like your new hygienist.


actually look forward to my dental appointments. I’ve never felt any pain, and the dentist and staff are really friendly. They always seem to run on time, too, which is great.


very friendly,helpful,kind,and understanding. Can’t wait to go back.


Excellent dental practice. Friendly and profedssional while willing to discuss care and options.


Dr. Bigelow and his staff are fantastic. Exemplary professionals and incredibly personable. I’ve been seeing Dr. Bigelow for many years and have no plans to go elsewhere.


actually like to go to the dentist’s office. Everyone at Dr. Bigelow’s office is like family.