Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Bigelow is committed to giving his patients prompt and urgent care, especially in the case of a dental emergency. He understands that some dental issues require immediate attention and must be addressed right away. That’s why we set aside time for emergency dental visits at our Salt Lake City dental practice.

You may have a dental emergency, if you have lost, cracked, or chipped a permanent tooth, or if a permanent tooth is loose. Any trauma or injury to a permanent tooth must be taken care of as soon as possible in order to salvage the tooth.

If you have knocked out a tooth, contact our office immediately. Before you come to our office, be sure to clean and rinse the affected tooth off with lukewarm water. Take care not to touch the tooth root! The most effective way to protect the knocked-out tooth is to place it back in its socket. Hold it in place and gently apply pressure. If you cannot put it back in its socket, place the tooth in a cold bag of milk. Similarly, if you have chipped a tooth, try to gather all the pieces and bring them into our office.

You may also have a dental emergency if you have a persistent and painful toothache. At our dental office, Dr. Bigelow can examine the affected area and quickly diagnose the problem. Then, you can begin treatment to relieve your toothache.

Your gums may have also sustained an injury that could constitute a dental emergency. If you have an abcess on your gums or a foreign object is embedded in your gums, contact our office right away.

Dr. Bigelow and his talented team will work hard to relieve you of any dental or oral pain you may be experiencing. Contact our Salt Lake City, UT dental office as soon as possible to receive the immediate dental care you need.