Root Canals

Most people think that root canals are painful procedures. However, this typically isn’t the case. Truthfully, your actual toothache is often more agonizing than the root canal procedure itself. Root canal therapy is a straightforward dental procedure that can relieve you of an excruciating toothache. Dr. Bigelow can help you resolve your tooth pain at his Salt Lake City dental office!

A tooth is made up of several parts: the crown, gum line, enamel, root, dentin, and pulp. Your dental pulp is made up of soft tissue and houses your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. If your dental pulp becomes infected, you may need a root canal.

Symptoms of an inflamed dental pulp include:

  • Acute toothaches
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Tooth tenderness
  • Discoloration of the tooth

However, sometimes infected pulps show no symptoms. Dr. Bigelow can determine whether or not you need a root canal.

During your root canal treatment, Dr. Bigelow will make a small hole into your tooth to reveal the infected pulp. He will then carefully extract the pulp, relieving you of your harrowing toothache. Once the infected pulp is removed, Dr. Bigelow will disinfect the tooth and prepare it for a filling. A dental filling is then used to seal the tooth. Finally, a crown is placed on top of the affected area to further protect your tooth. A root canal is really a simple procedure!

Root canal therapy is one of the most efficient ways to save your tooth and avoid extraction. Root canal treatment is also usually more cost-effective than tooth extraction.

There should be no reason to fear a root canal! Dr. Bigelow and his loving staff will provide patient amenities, like sedatives, to make sure you are comfortable throughout your procedure. We want you to feel completely relaxed during your treatment. We also want to help relieve you of your tooth pain!

Call us today to schedule an appointment, so you can get the much-needed relief you deserve!