Six Month Smiles

Dr. Bigelow and his skilled staff are pleased to offer Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary system designed to help straighten your teeth in only six months!

Six Month Smiles is often considered more convenient than traditional braces and aligners. With traditional braces and aligners, your treatment can take up to two years (or longer!) to straighten your teeth. Six Month Smiles can cut that time by almost 75%, giving you a more even smile in just six months!

Many patients feel self-conscious when they wear braces. With their apparent wires and unseemly brackets, patients may feel less apt to show off their smile. Six Month Smiles prides itself on its discreteness. You can feel secure in your appearance during this innovative orthodontic treatment! We use tooth-colored wires and clear braces to better blend in with your smile. At first glance, most people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing Six Month Smiles braces!

Several patients misuse or neglect their aligners. It is common for patients, especially younger patients, to forget to wear their aligners. Aligners can be high-maintenance. Compared to aligners, Six Month Smiles is an especially convenient orthodontic procedure that can give you the straighter teeth you’re hoping for. Because Six Month Smiles is fixed into place by your dentist, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to straighten your teeth. Six Month Smiles does all the work for you!

Six Month Smiles is only for patients who are 16 years and older. Six Month Smiles can efficiently correct crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth in teens and adults. It will gradually shift teeth into their proper place by using low-pressure force. Most patients report that Six Month Smiles is usually comfortable with little to no pain or discomfort.

Maybe you’ve never had time to straighten your teeth. Perhaps, you were too embarrassed to wear braces. Or, maybe you can’t keep up with aligners. Six Month Smiles can be the solution to your crooked teeth! This incredible system can finally give you the glamorous, even smile you’ve always wanted!

Contact our Salt Lake City, UT dentist office to learn more about Six Month Smiles. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bigelow today to start working toward having a straighter smile!