A lot of people have little flaws in their smile that they wish they could fix, whether it be cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth. These minor cosmetic imperfections can seriously impair your self-confidence. You may find yourself covering your smile with your lips or hands. You don’t need to hide your smile anymore! Dr. Bigelow can provide a solution to correct your less-than-ideal teeth.

Dr. Bigelow can fit your affected tooth or teeth with dental veneers! Dental veneers are an excellent restorative dentistry option that can reverse your chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. They are made of extremely thin sheets of porcelain. These sheets of porcelain are bonded directly to your tooth, offering fortified protection from harmful bacteria, plaque, or tartar.

Dental veneers are also custom-made for you, so they will blend in seamlessly with your smile. With dental veneers, you can have the confidence to openly smile again!

Dental veneers are made of porcelain because it is comparable to the surface of natural teeth. This is what helps make dental veneers appear incredibly natural-looking. Dr. Bigelow can customize your dental veneers to the ideal size, shape, and color of your natural teeth. Your dental veneers will flawlessly fit in with the rest of your smile. Many of your peers won’t even realize you’ve had dental work done!

When properly cared for, dental veneers can last a lifetime. They are stain resistant, so they shouldn’t discolor or dull over time. Dental veneers can also strengthen your natural teeth. Since they are directly bonded to your tooth, they act like natural enamel. Enamel protects your natural teeth from bacteria. Unfortunately, enamel can wear off over time (and it cannot be restored naturally). However, dental veneers can replace the enamel. They typically function just the same!

Dr. Bigelow can help you restore your smile to full, flawless row of pearly whites. Contact our dentist office in Salt Lake City, UT to learn more about dental veneers. You can start your transforming your smile today!